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Weight Loss Women

Stephani H.
Ht: 5’7
Age: 21
Starting Weight: 193
End Weight: 153
Start Pant Size: 16
End Pant Size: 6
Duration: 3 months


After being overweight her whole life and having tried almost every quick fix weight loss miracle on the market, Stephani enrolled in a Zumba class in early 2014. She attended class religiously five (5) days a week for at least an hour per day. Unfortunately, after months of this rigorous exercise regime combined with a low-calorie diet, Stephani had only managed to lose a few pounds.


Frustrated with her results and ready to quit, Stephani consulted with Dr. Jay who immediately told her to #1 have her metabolism tested and #2 shift her focus from her exercise to her actual nutrition. Once tested, Stephani was given a “metabolism appropriate” weight loss caloric target which was actually MUCH higher than what she had been eating previously…Yes, she actually INCREASED her caloric intake! She gained a new appreciation for the futility in trying to exercise to lose weight without also following a solid nutrition plan based on her body’s actual requirements versus inaccurate online calculations or guessing.


Stephani wowed family members and friends as she literally transformed her body within 3 months even though she had reduced her exercise by 50% and INCREASED her food intake. She dropped 40lbs  and 10 dress sizes in 12 short weeks…something she previously would have thought impossible. Even more impressive was her ability to do this despite having ZERO support from her family in regard to her weight loss goals!
When your family tells you your whole life that genetically you are meant to be chubby, you start to believe them. Luckily, Metabacheck and Dr. Jay showed me otherwise…..

Stephani went on to acquire her personal training certification so she could help others that may be struggling with their weight like she had.