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Weight Loss Men

Allen M.
Age: 40s
Ht: 6’0
Starting Weight: 262
End Weight: 249
Start Pant Size: 46
End Pant Size: 38
Duration: 6 months


As the service manager for Walnut Creek Mercedes Benz, Alan did not have a lot of free time for exercise. After being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, he had made several futile attempts to lose weight and get off of his diabetes medication. During one particular attempt he had actually lost 30 lbs. in the Jenny Craig program. However, despite the successful scale weight loss, his diabetes status did not improve whatsoever. MetabAcheck had Alan shift his effort and focus from weight loss to FAT loss.

Especially for my family, I don’t want to fall victim to the long-term debilitating effects of diabetes.

His goal was simple: Get completely off his diabetes medication and improve his overall health status despite his busy work schedule.


Alan indicated from the very beginning that he was not interested in a traditional exercise program structured around weightlifting and treadmill / elliptical workouts because in the past he had found himself becoming bored very quickly with repetitive activities. So, for the exercise portion of his program, Dr. Jay had Alan join L.A. Boxing (Brentwood) and participate in cardio / boxing classes at least 3 days per week.

After measuring Alan’s metabolism, Dr. Jay tailored a personalized low glycemic diet plan based on his results and set nutritional targets for Alan which would support his goal of maximum fat loss while still supporting new muscle growth.


For the first few months Alan followed his nutrition plan and participated in general L.A. Boxing classes three times per week. By his third month he had dropped over 4 inches off his waist and even more importantly was seeing significant improvements in his blood sugar levels. More excited than ever with his initial results, he began taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes and mixed martial arts sparring!

By the end of his sixth month, Alan had dropped a total of over 6 inches off his waist, and almost 35lbs. of pure fat. Remarkably, despite the massive amount of fat loss, Alan’s scale weight had only dropped 13 lbs. because he had simultaneously added so much new lean tissue (muscle/water) to his body. In the past, this relatively small scale weight change might have been discouraging. However, in this case it was not, because his doctor confirmed only six months after his MetabAcheck metabolism measurement that he no longer needed to continue taking his diabetes medication. Success!!

“I will never forget the day my doctor confirmed that I no longer needed to continue taking the medication for my diabetes…..thanks MetabAcheck!”