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Unlock the Power of Optimal Respiratory Health with Our Respiratory Training Devices

Breathe Better, Live Better

At Metabacheck, we understand the pivotal role that respiratory health plays in our overall well-being and performance. Whether you’re an athlete pushing the boundaries of your endurance or an individual navigating the challenges of respiratory issues, our respiratory training devices and training are here to elevate your breathing capabilities.

Our Optimal Strategy: The P100 Respiratory Training & Airofit At-Home Devices

Maximize Your Respiratory Potential

P100 Respiratory Training at our facility is the gold standard for enhancing your respiratory muscles, improving oxygen uptake, and unlocking a myriad of health benefits. Coupled with our Airofit at-home respiratory training devices, this optimal strategy ensures consistent progress and maximized results.

  • In-Facility P100 Training: Experience personalized, intensive respiratory muscle training with the Idiag P100, ensuring precise, scientific, and effective enhancement of your respiratory capability.
  • Airofit At-Home Respiratory Training: Maintain and build upon your progress with our at-home devices, ensuring your respiratory muscles are consistently engaged and developed even between P100 sessions.

The Accessible Pathway: Airofit At-Home Respiratory Training Devices

Empowering Your Respiratory Journey, Wherever You Are

For those who may find in-facility training logistically challenging, our at-home respiratory training devices offer a viable and impactful alternative. While it may not replace the intensive training provided by the P100, consistent use of our at-home devices can still significantly enhance your respiratory health and performance.

  • Convenient & Consistent: Engage in respiratory training at your own pace and convenience, ensuring consistent development of your respiratory muscles.
  • Affordable & Accessible: An economical solution that brings respiratory training into your home, breaking down geographical and financial barriers.

Why Choose Our Respiratory Training Devices?

Harness the Benefits of Comprehensive Respiratory Training

  • Enhanced Athletic Performance: Elevate your endurance, recovery, and cognitive performance in sports and exercise.
  • Improved Respiratory Health: Alleviate symptoms related to respiratory issues and enhance your overall lung function and capacity.
  • Optimized Oxygen Uptake: Ensure optimal oxygen delivery to your body’s tissues, promoting energy production and overall cellular function.

Which Device Is Best For Me?

BOTH the Airofit Active and the Airofit PRO 2.0 allow you to complete at-home respiratory training. The Airofit PRO 2.0, however, has the advantage of bluetooth connectivity which allows you to connect to the Airofit app for a more “connected” experience and monitor lung function measurements, breathing instructions and feedback, tracking, and training history.

Deep Dive: Airofit PRO 2.0 Exclusive Features

Hardware Exclusives:

  • Splash (Saliva) Resistant Mouthpiece: Ensures hygiene and durability amidst regular use.
  • Removable Electronic Smart Unit: Facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Seamless synchronization with the Airofit app for real-time data tracking and analysis.

App-Exclusive Features:

  • Respiratory Training Levels: Tailor your training with varied intensity and focus.
  • Select a Focus Area: Choose between sport or well-being to align your training with your goals.
  • Lung Function Measurements: Keep track of accessible lung capacity, inhale strength, and exhale strength.
  • Data-Driven Personalized Daily Training Plans: Customized plans that consider your lung test results and chosen focus area.
  • 17 Breathing Exercises: A diverse range to enhance various aspects of your respiratory function.
  • Breathing Instructions & Feedback: Guided sessions to ensure effective training.
  • Interactive Guidance & Data-Driven Feedback: Engage with your data and adjust your training accordingly.
  • Training History Overview: Access the last 30 measurements of your accessible lung capacity, inhale and exhale strength, and track progress.
  • Improvement Tracking: Visualize your progress and achievements.
  • Daily Reminder and Notifications: Stay consistent with your training with gentle reminders.

Making an Informed Choice

Whether you opt for the foundational support of Airofit Active or the advanced, personalized training capabilities of Airofit PRO 2.0, you’re taking a significant step towards enhanced respiratory health and performance. Choose the device that aligns with your training needs, goals, and budget to embark on your journey towards optimal respiratory wellness.