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Identify And Fix Weight Loss Plateaus

Aaron K.
Age: Mid 30s
Ht: 5’11
Starting Weight: 201
End Weight: 185

Aaron came to us for testing with the desire to lose weight and shed excess body fat. His initial resting metabolic rate (RMR) was measured and determined to be 2075 cal/day (+3% above normal). Based on these numbers we started him at approximately 2100 calories per day and referred him to Dr. Jay’s consulting program for nutrition and training guidance.

Initially, Aaron was quite successful at reaching his goals. By week eight (8) he had dropped 9lbs. of body fat and upon retesting his metabolism, he was pleased to see that it had increased to 2140 cal/day (+11% above normal)! Feeling he was on the right track, he continued his program without change, and by week fourteen (14) he had dropped another 5lbs. of body fat (-14lbs. total).

Suddenly, however, over the next two (2) weeks Aaron’s results came to a screeching halt! Concerned that his metabolism may have become suppressed, we retested Aaron at week 16 and found that his metabolism had indeed plumetted to 1865 cal/day (-4% below normal).

Based on this new information, his diet was immediately increased to 2800 cal/day in an attempt to reignite his metabolism.

Retesting 3 weeks later revealed some improvement. His resting metabolism had risen to 1930 cal/day (-1% below normal) but was still in suppression. Based on this new information, we raised his calories again to a whopping 3300 cal/day! Aaron was concerned that he would get “fat” eating all this food, but we assured him that his body needed these excess calories to pull it out of “starvation mode” and they would definitely NOT get stored as fat.

Retesting three (3) weeks later revealed a fully normalized metabolism with an RMR of 2190 cal/day (+14% above normal). Not only had Aaron’s metabolism rebounded, but he had also lost an additional 3/4″ off his waist!

Based on his new measurements, we readjusted Aaron’s calories down to 2350 cal/day. A level that allowed a reasonable deficit for weight loss without pushing his metabolism into suppression once again.

Aaron finally reached his goal at week 26. He had lost a total of 16lbs. and 4 1/2″ off his waist. We recommended a final measurement to determine his optimum maintenance eating level to best retain his spectacular results. His final RMR was determined to be 2270 cal/day (+21% above normal) and his maintenance calories were set to 2400 cal/day.