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Metabolism -RMR & Fitness -Vo2 max
Testing And Analysis

MetabAcheck is the Bay Area’s Premier Metabolic Testing Center for Weight Loss and Athletic Performance

Welcome to MetabAcheck

At MetabAcheck we recognize the many benefits that accurate metabolism (RMR) and Vo2max testing can provide. Whether you are interested in losing weight, gaining muscle, improving performance, or periodic measurement as an early warning to a slowing metabolism as you age, our tests and expert analysis provide a blueprint for maximum success.

Why Choose MetabAcheck RMR – Vo2max Testing?


MetabAcheck gives you the most accurate measurement of your resting metabolic rate (RMR) and Vo2max. We utilize what is recognized as the “Gold Standard” of metabolism measurement, indirect calorimetry using the Pnoe Gas Analysis System, to determine the exact number of calories your body utilizes per day at rest.

Expert Analysis

A metabolism test is only as good as the person you have analyzing your results. Many companies utilize a technician to administer AND analyze your results. With 21+ years of metabolism testing experience, physician, weight loss, and body transformation specialist Dr. Jay administers and analyzes ALL MetabAcheck tests.

Proven Results

We feel our client’s results speak volumes. So, we invite you to browse our gallery of former and current clients and athletes. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, improve performance, or just maintain your current body composition, MetabAcheck can help.

Break Plateaus

There is nothing worse than putting in effort and not seeing results. Whether you’re working out hard at the gym or focusing your effort on diet, the bottom line is that if you don’t see results, you probably won’t keep it up for long. Frustrated, many of our clients come to us after having not seen results for months and even years! Metabolism testing can quickly and easily identify the cause of your plateau so you can make adjustments and start seeing results again!

Affordable, Fast, & Easy

Being healthy is definitely not cheap and time is money! So the last thing any of us can afford to do is waste time and money reaching our health and fitness goals. Luckily, for less than the cost of some gym memberships, you can now get better, faster results and finally bridge the gap between your effort and your success! Sit back, relax, and breath….it’s as simple as that. The test itself only takes ten (10) minutes.


No matter what diet (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Keto, etc.) or fitness program (P90X, Crossfit, Zumba, 24hr Fitness, online personal training, etc.) you are currently doing, MetabAcheck metabolism testing can help. Let’s face it, none of these programs were designed specifically for YOU. MetabAcheck metabolism and fitness testing allows you to individualize ANY program in order to get the very best results possible!

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“PNOĒ delivers clinical-grade metabolic analysis and personalized nutrition and workout programming. To get these insights you previously had to go to a lab.”

Annie Thorisdottir
2X Fittest Woman On Earth

“PNOĒ is absolutely awesome because it gives detailed info on your metabolic efficiencies and inefficiencies.”

Matt Chan

Crossfit Legend

“PNOĒ has transformed the way we assess our athlete’s physiology and performance.  It allows us to take our players assessments, training and nutrition to the next level!”

Paul J. Fabritz

NBA Performance Specialist

When your family tells you your whole life that genetically you are meant to be chubby, you start to believe them. Luckily, Metabacheck showed me otherwise

Stephani H.

“I will never forget the day my doctor confirmed that I no longer needed to continue taking the medication for my Type 2 diabetes…..thanks MetabAcheck!”

Alan M.

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